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Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that is adaptable to any surrounding. It is also wonderfully adaptable to each person’s physical abilities. As you plan a holiday, consider selecting destinations for the appeal they can offer as you do your yoga routines. There are many beautiful settings in the south west of England that can add richness and purity to your yoga workout. You may find a whole new level of consciousness in this picturesque setting.

Natural Settings

South Devon offers nearly 340 square kilometers of incredibly beautiful countryside, which is perfect for a yoga location. The coastline is a mixture of rugged landings and beautiful beaches, and has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This helps to preserve the natural surroundings. Imagine a yoga retreat in this lovely area as you enjoy ocean breezes and the input of nature. This coastline, from Elberry Cove to Jennycliff, has estuaries and tranquil settings for your yoga routines and rituals.
The entire South Devon area is rich in ancient farmland and pristine coasts, totally undeveloped by commercial interests. You can truly expand your consciousness to fit the panorama before you, as you overlook meadows, beaches, and ocean surf.
The highest point, here, is the Blackdown Camp. At nearly 200 meters above sea level, you can see almost all the way back into history!

Town Convenience

Even if the great outdoors do not appeal to you, there are opportunities to join yoga groups in the many hamlets that populate South Devon. Comfortable villages provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy your yoga activities in pleasant surroundings. There are even detox retreats in Devon, Yeotown being a good recommendation.
When you stay in the towns, you can have quick access to the lovely countryside any time you want, while resting comfortably in your hotel room, inn, or bed and breakfast. These villages offer locally grown produce and fresh fare from the ocean at every meal.
In the smaller towns, you can enjoy boutique shopping. In larger cities, department stores make you feel right at home. There is always the fresh sea breeze to freshen the air, no matter where you are.


Dorset and Cornwall offer some of the best surfing in the UK. You’ll also find the north coast with breakers coursing in from the Atlantic Ocean.
In addition, you can go coasteering and kayaking, as well as hiking and swimming. South West England has some of the most varied outdoor activities and sports. Mix these activities in with your yoga, and you have a well-rounded holiday.


If your tastes run more toward horticultural interests, visit the Cornwall sub-tropical gardens. These carefully tended gardens are loaded with fragrant, delicate specimens that will delight you.
In Devon, you’ll find rich grass-covered lanes that are lined with primrose and wild bluebells. Strolling through these lovely areas will reinvigorate you and send you home feeling refreshed.
Are you looking for a change in routine, or a special location for your yoga retreat? Consider South West England.