Undoubtedly there’s no other industry that is hit in relation to the electronics area with this type of enormous increase over the past 20 years.

Today, together with the introduction of technology photography is becoming incredibly accessible and considerably more easy. As well as the characteristic of the pictures that can be created have also increased significantly.

Almost anyone can buy a camera and start shooting images by framing a subject and clicking away at the button; notably with using a digital camera which offers an array of functions that let you perform various tasks. This includes shooting pictures that are instantaneous. Digital cameras can also save images that you can afterwards place into your personal computer, which then you could print, distribute to your own friends via e-mail, or upload on your own site.

But to people who take photography seriously and view photography as more of an art form; shooting photographs is not just a matter of clicking in a button to take pictures. To them this endeavor requires more planning and effort.

The following are a few strategies for taking better pictures:

1. When taking photos on bright sunny days, try to eliminate shadows in your subject. It is possible to do it by utilizing your cameras flash characteristic that ought to dispose of shadows which may appear when the sun is at an angle.

2. Highlight your topics with backgrounds that are suitable. You are going to take a person’s eye off the principal subject and possibly ruin your picture, if your background is deflecting or overly fussy.

3. When taking photos that are outdoor you will need to ensure you pay attention to what’s happening around you. This way strangers do not mysteriously appear in group shots!

4. Before shooting a photo, voice your intention. Giving your themes direction can help you get the chance you are seeking the first time. This can be especially important if you are photographing a vital occasion for example function or a service. Make sure you get the pictures you would like by telling your subjects to grin, ask if it’s etc., unruly them to fix their hair

5. Shots put your back to the sun when taking outdoors. This will definitely put the spotlight where it belongs, to the issues themselves.

6. Candid, casual photos are best. All these tend to be exciting to look at than staged, introduced pictures. Take pictures of family and your friends when they are at ease and just having a fantastic time.

Patience and practice would be the key elements to taking excellent pictures. Do not let your life’s memories pass you by, take photos of the ones you adore.

South west devon
by Reading Tom

Everyone needs that picture perfect wedding – perfect for celebrating your special day and a place with crystal blue waters and lovely countryside backdrops, as well as a place with spectacular gathering rooms, steeped in history.

The quaint beachfront region sheltered harbour and is famous for its delightful waterfront. The estuary gave great success to the town as a shipbuilding, boat and sailing port and the region continues to be popular now for yachting, sailing and crabbing.

Salcombe has many unique and scenic wedding sites with amazing backdrops overlooking the breathless Devonshire countryside and shoreline which is even ideal for Yoga. If you would like a place for your ceremony and reception, there are professional wedding planners who will help ensure your day runs smoothly and places with wedding licences.

A lot of folks trying to find a beachfront wedding instantly look for a place abroad. Nevertheless, this could be hard and hugely pricey to plan. Salcombe is one of the united kingdom ‘s most scenic, most sunny beachfront places with a beautiful deep blue sea.

Once you’ve selected your site will have to begin considering entertainment, decorations and the dining organizations, cake, photographer, dresses, hair and make-up stylist. Salcombe has local groups, cake making services, boutique dress shops, hairdressers and many high quality caterers. Take a stroll up the key high street or, for more mainstream shops, go to the nearby city of Plymouth. If you need to relieve some stress of the planning, there are also some health farms nearby which could help.

Salcombe and a number of other towns in the South Hams district including Dartmouth, Modbury, Kingsbridge and Totnes are also perfect honeymoon destinations. Take a trip to Paignton zoo, see with a number of exhibits and the numerous theaters or participate in a canoe experience on the River Dart.

Whether you are trying to find a a delightful Edwardian property or a luxury resort, select Salcombe and ensure your wedding is among the biggest days of your own life.

I usually talk about the Southwest Of England, but today i’m going to make an exception and talk about the Southwest of France.

Property available in South West France is seeing growing demand for several reasons. The countryside is having a resurgence in diversity of the region and this presents not only job chances and several building but the picturesque attractiveness of the region also attracts people. More than other things, the climate is the main interest of property in south west France. Summer temperatures are moderate in the range of 28 to 33 degrees and summer continues for more days than other places such as United Kingdom in the northern area of Europe. Winter days are cool but bright, except short spells of cold from November to February. Naturally, others and many British investors in the Norwegian states are on the lookout for properties in Gascony, Landes, Tarn et Garonne, Lot et Garonne and Gers.

The Bordeaux-Toulouse districts that form the southwest France place are well-known all around the globe as the wine region. The grapes in the vineyards change in flavor and quality, thereby providing the chance of uncommon varieties for wine, brandy and champagne. Combined with the verdant vineyards spread throughout the duck farms, the walnut groves, this region, the plum orchards and the strawberry fields generate a rich assortment of agricultural output. The truffle enhances this opulence, fondly called by the master as ‘black diamond’ chefs of the world.

Properties On The Market in Southwest France


The French word gite that is particular actually means a self catering vacation accommodation. Purchasing a gite is considered a sensible company investment now. Based on figures available with real estate agents of this type, a decade past, bulk of buyers purchased property in southwest France as vacation property. On the other hand, the tendency had changed and many are moving in here forever, brought by leisurely living and the peaceful setting.

In the sections of southwest France, the property values are substantially less than the other nations of Europe, together with the other departments of France. We’ve got an extensive choice of properties on the market of this type. With our expertise in our wide-ranging contacts with property owners and estate agents in south west France and the real-estate marketplace for several years, we’re able to offer our customers exceptional purchasing and selling chances.

Direct in Southwest France in Buying Properties

In the procedure for buying properties in France, you pay all the fees as the buyer.

Subsequently their fees will need to be paid over and above this, in case you are purchasing the property through estate agents.

You’ll find a way to say the reasons for cancellation of the deal in this record for exampe (work need’s doing on the Cladding) and you are able to contain all the reasons that come to your own head, with no limitations, including failure to get mortgage.

You are going to need to deposit 10% of the property worth if you cancel the deal for any reason that’s not defined inside it and you’ll lose that amount.

If the deal is canceled by the seller, you are going to get 10.

Southern France, also called as Le Midi, contains Aquitaine, Corsica, Midi Pyrenees, Languedoc Roussillon, Rhone Alps, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, Limousin, and Auvergne. Properties that are exceptional can be found in lots at exceptionally attractive prices in all these areas. Property in Landes and property in Gascony are considered throughout Europe as really great real-estate investments. Well, you might not be able to get them without any type of hassles on your part.


South west devon
by Chris Martin Photography

There are some places that are undeniably beautiful – from the aesthetics, to the atmosphere, and even the customer service. Then there are some places, for a UK break you simply fall in love with, and the South West is one of them.

Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire – the UK’s South West is one long stretch of evolving beauty whether you head inland or towards the coast. Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds are known for their stone buildings and chocolate box aesthetic, while the rugged Cornish coast is at least partially the reason we all fell in love with Poldark once more last year.

The Landscape

As the spring gets into full swing and summer peeks over the horizon, this spectacular part of the UK really starts to shine with its beaches sparkling, the accompanying ice creams tasting that much better, and the walks along the cliff tops being ever so more appealing now that the wind has died down. In fact, for a UK break during the summer there are times when the Devonshire climate in particular could kid you into thinking it’s part of the Mediterranean… just with much better cream teas. There are also some fantastic detox retreats that one can visit.

The truth is that to really understand its beauty, you simply have to visit. For example, it isn’t until you see it that you can really appreciate the magic of the wild garlic, bluebells and primroses peppering the coast and woodlands in Devon – the smell is unmistakable, and the sight is a refreshing eye opener after those long winter months.

The culture

Similarly, historic sites and cultural attractions like Stonehenge, Barbara Hepworth’s museum at St Ives, and The Eden Project have to be experienced to be fully understood. To describe Stonehenge is one thing, but ultimately any mere eulogy falls flat, because the prehistoric monument in Wiltshire has a certain type of magic to it that belies its heritage and attracts hundreds for the spring solstice each year. So en-route to that holiday by the sea, make sure you stop off and take a look.

Alongside this, The Eden Project in Cornwall never fails to inspire awe for natural beauty, and Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures are a showcase for sensual and creative talent.

The food

Last year David Cameron got in a muddle with the order of the cream and jam on his scones when discussing etiquette in Devon and Cornwall. Just so we’re clear, it’s cream first and jam on top in Devon, and the other way around in Cornwall.

Whichever location you happen to be in, one thing the South West knows and does well is food. Obviously a prime spot for fresh seafood, with crab, scallops and lobster firm favourites depending on exactly where you are (Padstow having been made famous by Rick Stein). While few things beat barbecued mackerel on the beach after a day of fishing.

Additionally, for something sweeter, if you happen to be passing the famous seaside location of Salcombe, the Salcombe Dairy ice cream is internationally renowned for being made with clotted cream (we recommend the honeycombe option, but you can’t really go wrong). And of course, to cap it all off, Somerset cider as the evening draws in.

Whether, for a UK break, it’s romantic getaways or family holidays you’re after, the South West offers the sort of magic that has to be experienced to be believed. The tricky part is settling on which corner of it you want to visit, so take some time to think before this summer!

Gardens in the south west
by Steve Crane

There are lots of different activities such as farming and hunting available in the southwest of England, that’s why puppies are seen as valued members of the family and have been an important element of life. This makes the south-west an ideal spot to find dog rests – lodging and places where  our four-legged friends are welcome.

Heading on vacation without your family dog often means additional expense with boarding kennel costs or organizing to get a close friend or relative to take care of your dog while you are away. Additionally, it may be disturbing, particularly for younger members of your family to get to abandon their favorite buddy behind, even to get several days. So locating lodging that welcomes canines can get the worry and anxiety from the beginning of the vacation as well as help you save cash.

dog-friendly lodging is now a lot popular recently, with way more sellers welcoming dogs. There’s normally a modest added fee, but this may not be much more expensive than boarding prices. Self catering lodging particularly is extremely dog-friendly, for all these rests usually have gardens that could provide your dog the opportunity to extend his legs without becoming lost, as well as the bungalows or homes allow. Please remember to clean-up following your pet from courtesy to the person who owns the lodging.

Some lodging providers even offer additional bedding or blankets for the furry friend to rest on, however do check together with the seller first, in the event you should package your pet ‘s favourite blanket or basket prior to going. Remember to consider food dish and a water dish, as these aren’t necessarily provided.

Some shores in the southwest are dog-friendly while the others do not permit dogs in any way or during specific times. It might be a good idea to check on through the Net if the local shores welcome any limitations which will apply and puppies before you trigger. Do consider that the south-west is a neighborhood with a lot of farm animal, so be sure you take your pet ‘s lead in the event you are using your puppy for a walk-in the countryside.

plenty of pubs, especially in the more distant regions of the southwest such as Exmoor and Dartmoor, welcome (well-behaved!) dogs in in public places pubs. Yet, in more developed places this is probably so again possess a fast test before you arrive your pet is not going to invest the evening tied-up outside or waiting in the vehicle for you and townships

The modest fee made by most lodging suppliers will be to cover additional cleaning expenses entailed. It’s generally a nominal charge, but it might be worth looking around for deals, particularly when you’ve got greater than one dog, if you’re taking your pet on vacation with you. Many resorts are nevertheless maybe not dog-friendly, but more are coming around to the fact folks do need to to create their dogs with them when they journey south west, therefore a fast call to the resort of your selection can quickly verify when they do take dogs or maybe not.

There are sites available that list dog-friendly lodging suppliers, helping one to hunt in your community you are thinking about seeing to locate a suitable place. So with a lot of dog rests available in the southwest, there’s not a reason a family vacation should not contain your favorite four-legged pal as nicely as the remainder of the fam.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting one of the most beautiful and well-preserved estates in the UK. Buckland Abbey, a 700 year old estate in Devon, England, weaves a spell as you stroll through the halls and across the gardens. Currently under the ownership of the UK’s National Trust, Buckland Abbey was once owned by the legendary Sir Frances Drake.

Historic Roots

The Abbey was built in 1278, and served as an abbey until 1541, when it was sold to Sir Richard Grenville. He and later, his son, converted the property from an abbey into a home, using the church itself as the house and demolishing the rest. This increased the historic value of the property, because most abbey churches were destroyed during that time.

The Grenville family owned the estate for 40 years, before his son sold it to Sir Francis Drake. Sir Drake lived there for 15 years, and various descendants lived there until it was sold in 1946. The new owner, Arthur Rodd, gave the property to the National Trust two years later.

Public Access


The National Trust opened the property to the public in 1951. The City of Plymouth Museum keeps some of its collection there, and we got to see historic items that fed the imagination. There, we saw Drake’s Drum. Sir Drake took this snare drum with him when he sailed around the world. Before his death, he had the drum taken to Buckland Abbey. With it came instructions that if England were ever in danger, someone should beat the drum. He promised to return to defend his homeland.

The public also has access to the ox sheds, where various craftsmen demonstrate authentic crafts and skills. The wooden joinery is fascinating, and truly puts to shame some of the self-assemble stuff we find these days.



Sir Drake is a legend, himself, having sailed around the world during the years 1577 to 1580, when he was about 35 years old. He is one of the most famous seamen from that era. Unfortunately, he started a successful slave trade. After being nearly killed by the Spanish, Drake developed a hatred of that nation that eventually lead to his defeat of the Spanish Armada. He spent much of his career plundering Spanish settlements in South America for the valuable silver and gold for Queen Elizabeth I.


The National Trust Costume Group has its headquarters at Buckland Abbey. They are focused on the creation of authentic clothing pieces patterned after the Elizabethan era.


There is even a self portrait of Rembrandt at the Abbey. It was only recently authenticated, and is a wonderful representation of the creative genius himself.

The Gardens

The gardens at Buckland Abbey are beautiful, with breathtaking arrays of woods and farms, and a peak at wildlife at times. There are 4 different paths you can walk o and we tried all of them. The shortest walk was one mile, and the longest was three miles.

It was a beautiful place to visit, and I highly recommend it.

Cedar timber cladding is as ubiquitous as stone in the UK. Used in the earliest structures across the area, cedar is one of the most beautiful and durable timbers available. Cedar cladding is resistant to moisture, so is less likely to rot. This makes it invaluable in the high humidity of parts of the UK, and one of the reasons that many ancient buildings stand to this day.

Historic Structures With Cedar Timber Cladding


You can see historic structures that still have their centuries-old cladding in such places as the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. Not only will you see reenactments of activities from the history of the area, you will see authentic architecture and equipment used over time. They hold a food and folk festival as well as a wood show during which the artisans and craftsmen show how cedar cladding was once made by hand.

Structures in this property are great examples of beautiful wooden countryside buildings, with the hip roofs and Tudor styling. These buildings have been recognized by the government as being of national and/or international importance. They were carefully taken apart and moved to this site, to be carefully reconstructed by hand. Over 50 buildings, from worker’s huts to farmhouses and barns, give you a good feel for over 600 years of heritage, with different uses of cedar cladding used effectively and beautifully.

Bell Frame From St. Mary’s Church

From Stoughton, West Sussex, you will see the bell frame from St. Mary’s Church. This structure is covered with hand-cleft oak shingle cladding. The original structure was built around 1350. The second phase of building for this structure was around 1470. The spire itself is new, and was placed on the site of the museum in 2009. However, the structure and building was designed to be authentic, giving participants experience in ancient arts and construction techniques.

Upper Hall From Crawley

Crawley, Sussex, was home of the Upper Hall. Scheduled for demolition, it was discovered to be a more historic building that should be preserved. It was dismantled in 1972 and rebuilt on the site of the museum 6 years later. The long history of the building took it from being a town hall to an inn to a barn and storage shed. The construction of this building is a combination of cedar timber cladding and oak cladding, sandstone shingles, brick, and stucco, along with solid oak timbers.

Wollaton Hall


Wollaton Hall, built in the late 1400s, is another great example of craftsmanship and design. This beautiful estate features stone structures, along with artistic and skillful use of oak and cedar cladding. All structures have undergone extensive remodeling and additions, but the basic structures are the same. Gardens and avenues were added, along with parks. However, lavish improvements during the 1800s failed to dim the beauty of the ancient building practices and materials that serve as the core of this striking estate.

Cedar cladding continues to be one of the most popular building materials in today’s structures. Small wonder. It is easy to work, and beautiful.

The UK is the gold standard across the world when it comes to lawns. What is golf, other than a great sport performed on the finest lawns in the world – and golf originated in Scotland. The grand tradition of gardening is maintained today in hundreds of incredible, picture-perfect lawns. From manors to cottages, the English lawn is iconic and ever popular. Even environmentalists, who have frowned upon lawns in the past because of the water consumption, are coming around to realize that lawns give back far more than they take. Grass roots often extend deep into the soil, breaking it up and keeping it from packing down. The thick turf shades the ground beneath, not only preserving moisture in the grass and soil, but creating a mini-ecosystem for all kinds of natural inhabitants. Lawns cool the atmosphere significantly, creating “green spots” that can be measured through infrared photography from the air. Skyscrapers, apartment complexes, shopping malls, and other urban structures are actually building their roofs so that they can support lawns to help them reduce their carbon footprint. Lawns also absorb off-gasses from nearby construction, converting it to oxygen and purifying the air. In fact, there are over 15 million lawns in England. With some of these benefits in mind, let’s take a tour of some of the most well kept lawns in the South West of England.



A combination of two English icons – the lawn and the maze – can be found in the turf labyrinths of England. They were once much more common than they are today, but these artistic additions to the garden are still beautiful sites. The one in Winchester, Hampshire is one of the larger ones at 27.4 by 26.2 m. This maze may date back to the 1600s. cut into a hill, traveling the maze also will take you uphill on a fairly strenuous climb. The lawn of the maze is beautifully maintained, although you may encounter a sheep or two.


The Tewkesbury Abbey is a striking relic dating back to 1102. The lawns surrounding the Abbey and all across the rest of the grounds are have really had some great lawn maintanence, in some cases stretching all the way to the river.

The Davies


Beautiful lawns are not the domain of only ancient properties and public lands. The Davies family has one of the most strikingly beautiful lawns in the South West of England. This 1.3 acre spot of Heaven was once a tangled mass of strawberries, weeds, and discarded farm equipment.

Chatsworth House


At the Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, you’ll find a huge lawn that was established in the 1760s. This type of lawn actually has a name. It’s called a Salisbury Lawn, because it appears to be as large as the Salisbury Plain.

In many cases, lawns are kept private by the use of hedgerows. This privacy is valued in England, and creates a series of pleasant surprises as you wander the grounds of your destination.

The South West of England is incredibly beautiful, with just about every kind of terrain for the rural photographer. Weather plays a part, too, in the photographer’s work, with bright sun, mists, fog, and diffused light at different times of the day. The shadows of rugged cliffs and the sparkle of surf on the beach all provide the photographer with a plethora of subject matter. The people of the areas have vigorous lifestyles, and the rural life always offers fantastic opportunities to feature nature and working people. Here are some pointers for succeeding in rural photography in the Southwest.

Sheep Shearing


The South West part of England is sheep country. Any photographic opportunity involving animals and the people who work with them is golden, and sheep shearing season is a flurry of activity. The working dogs stalk the flocks, moving them into the pens, and hard working people go about their amazing jobs with casual expertise. Every step of the process provides opportunities for still-life shots, action shots, and studies.

In fact, the shearing is only a part of the season. Lambing season is another excellent opportunity to get some great photos. The animals, farm structures, machinery, and farmers all are terrific subjects.



What photographer can resist Stonehenge? This World Heritage Site is as important to the world as it is to the UK. Located in Wiltshire, it is thought to have been built as far back as 3000 BC. Photographing the mortise and tenon joinery, or wide shots of the entire area at sunrise, can be the crowning glory to your portfolio. Built by a culture that left no written record, you can create a pictorial record of your own.

The Jurassic Coast

11854813383_814471bb7d_k (1)

Another World Heritage Site in the South West of England is the Jurassic Coast. Set up at Old Harry Rocks and catch the shadows throughout the day as they evolve with changes in sunlight. Cliffs from the Triassic and Jurassic eras, as well as the Cretaceous era, provide dramatic scenery for photographers. Storm Beach offers amazing shots of weather at its worst. The Durdle Door Arch is another striking geological feature, offering unique photo opportunities.

Glastonbury Festival


The Glastonbury Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the UK, providing excellent photographic opportunities . Observe the cabaret, theatre, period costumes and contemporary musicians. Over a 175,000 people attend the festival, held on a farm in Somerset.



Follow the steps of the Anglo-Saxons at the Bokerley Dyke at the Cranborne Chase. Photograph the fields where the famous battles of England were fought. The Battle of Bedwyn was fought here, as were battles against the Vikings.

The Corfe Castle

Who wouldn’t like to have a series of shots with an authentic castle? There are many castles throughout the UK, whether you’re looking for an intact castle with well kept garden and garden plants, or an amazing ruin where you can use your imagination of the past. The Corfe Castle is one of many in the South West region, and a great destination for the photographer.


Visit the Southwest for a holiday taking beautiful photographs. Whether you prefer portraits or landscapes, your journey will be rich and rewarding.

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that is adaptable to any surrounding. It is also wonderfully adaptable to each person’s physical abilities. As you plan a holiday, consider selecting destinations for the appeal they can offer as you do your yoga routines. There are many beautiful settings in the south west of England that can add richness and purity to your yoga workout. You may find a whole new level of consciousness in this picturesque setting.

Natural Settings

South Devon offers nearly 340 square kilometers of incredibly beautiful countryside, which is perfect for a yoga location. The coastline is a mixture of rugged landings and beautiful beaches, and has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This helps to preserve the natural surroundings. Imagine a yoga retreat in this lovely area as you enjoy ocean breezes and the input of nature. This coastline, from Elberry Cove to Jennycliff, has estuaries and tranquil settings for your yoga routines and rituals.
The entire South Devon area is rich in ancient farmland and pristine coasts, totally undeveloped by commercial interests. You can truly expand your consciousness to fit the panorama before you, as you overlook meadows, beaches, and ocean surf.
The highest point, here, is the Blackdown Camp. At nearly 200 meters above sea level, you can see almost all the way back into history!

Town Convenience

Even if the great outdoors do not appeal to you, there are opportunities to join yoga groups in the many hamlets that populate South Devon. Comfortable villages provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy your yoga activities in pleasant surroundings. There are even detox retreats in Devon, Yeotown being a good recommendation.
When you stay in the towns, you can have quick access to the lovely countryside any time you want, while resting comfortably in your hotel room, inn, or bed and breakfast. These villages offer locally grown produce and fresh fare from the ocean at every meal.
In the smaller towns, you can enjoy boutique shopping. In larger cities, department stores make you feel right at home. There is always the fresh sea breeze to freshen the air, no matter where you are.


Dorset and Cornwall offer some of the best surfing in the UK. You’ll also find the north coast with breakers coursing in from the Atlantic Ocean.
In addition, you can go coasteering and kayaking, as well as hiking and swimming. South West England has some of the most varied outdoor activities and sports. Mix these activities in with your yoga, and you have a well-rounded holiday.


If your tastes run more toward horticultural interests, visit the Cornwall sub-tropical gardens. These carefully tended gardens are loaded with fragrant, delicate specimens that will delight you.
In Devon, you’ll find rich grass-covered lanes that are lined with primrose and wild bluebells. Strolling through these lovely areas will reinvigorate you and send you home feeling refreshed.
Are you looking for a change in routine, or a special location for your yoga retreat? Consider South West England.