Best Accommodations In The Southwest

Anyone travelling in the UK can find just about any kind of accommodations they would like. You can have luxury, or “rough-it”, and just about anything in between. Here are some suggestions for finding the best accommodation in the UK.


There are, of course, hotels. These are usually chains that have predictable amenities, services, and pricing. Travellers often elect to stay in hotels for the convenience of knowing what they are “getting into.” Each hotel in a chain is usually under separate management, though, and while subject to the oversight of the brand name, is still run by the local manager. Here is where you get into trouble with cleanliness, bed bug infestation, and other local problems in the hotel. About the only recourse you have with problems with your hotel stay is to contact the hotel chain main office. If you manage to speak to the right person, your message may be passed on and something might be done. There are a lot of “maybes” there, but that’s the way it is with hotel chains.

Unusual Accommodations


Besides hotel chains, there are numerous private hotels and lodging facilities that offer some very ingenious entertainment opportunities. For example, have you ever stayed in a gypsy camp? What about spending your holiday in a castle? These wonderful-to-wacky unique hotels can be worthy of a holiday all their own, regardless of location. You can stay in fur-lined rooms, or in a room with a leather floor and a brass tub beside your bed. Or, you can stay in a wagon, reading by candlelight. There are hotels that feature themes such as famous movies, actors, or music groups.

Bed And Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts lodgings are often considered to be the pleasant compromise between run of the mill hotel stays and outrageous lodging. This is usually because you get the comfort and amenities of a nice hotel combined with the fact that the facilities are not usually as crowded, as in some of the strange accommodations mentioned.

You can find B&Bs that are set-up in themes, if you’re more adventurous. Many people think that B&B is equivalent to cluttered, overly-feminine Victorian lace and poufy pillows, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The B&B has come a long way, and you can find just about any kind of décor you would prefer, from country cottage to contemporary chic. In addition, most B&B owners know that travelers prefer their own en-suite bathrooms, so remodeling has been done to accommodate. Your B&B suite will often have an airflow tub and a private patio.

The privacy and seclusion of most B&Bs make them very attractive to travelers. Even the units located in urban areas usually have private gardens. And, by their very nature, the number of people in the unit at any one time is quite limited, so you don’t have the noise that accompanies hotel stays.

Keep in mind, too, that the meals are personally prepared, and often with special dietary needs considered. So give B&Bs a chance. They can provide the best of both worlds.


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