Taking A Stroll Around Poole

Poole is one of those must go places, you might ask around to see if many people have been to poole to find that it’s actually a very popular holiday destination. Poole is a fairly large coastal area, it’s natural beauty is actually astounding. It has a high population, infact the second larges population for a town in Dorset, and it is a lively and fun place to go.

Poole is a harbour town and has been an active port since the 12th century and was the busiest port to North America back in the 18th century. It is a brilliant place to go sightseeing if you are interested in viewing what history has to offer, it has many listed historical buildings although most of the town and warehouses have been rebuilt. Traditional public houses, Grade II listed customs house, grade I town cellars and a medieval warehouse are all waiting for you too see.  The town itself is the perfect place to go and visit with the family, but if your after a little something different,  you can grab your children and head of to the beaches and the coasts for a a swim in the beautiful blue sea.

Most of the porting activities have been moved to Hamworthy as Poole is now a popular holiday destination, One place you must visit on a trip to pool is have a look at Brownsea island. Sandbanks is one of the most incredible areas you could see in the UK and some of the best housing available. If you ever won the lottery this would be the place you want to live just take a look at this property and tell me you wouldn’t want to live here . You can also have a stroll along the beach and see the amazing blue sea and all of the ships sail past. This is a great holiday destination.

Watersports are something you should probably think of too, as you’ll be next to some of the bluest seas in England. There are lots of opportunities to go windsurfing, jetskiing of even going for a trip aboard the luxurious powerboat!

The Quayside is also a lovely area to take the family, if you have small children it may be best to take a baby carrier and not a stroller as the terrain can be difficult. The Quay has all kinds of interesting things, you can find the Sunseeker, which is renowned globally for it’s amazing views of the luxurious super yachts that get tested in the harbour. You might also be interested in taking the kids to the beach with a crab bucket and a line to see what they can catch! Or why not try the treasure hunt that can be found in the family fun leafled from the welcome centre!

There are also lovely gardens and parks in poole, the ideal place for a picnic, of maybe just a stroll. Uptoon country park is an early 19th century residence and definitely worth a visit and is just a short walk from the town centre.

You may have also heard of the  the world famous pottery experience “poole Pottery”. They have wonderful demonstrations from their world famous master potter and a pottery painting area for those with a little creativity in their blood.

With the history, beauty and sheer magnificence of Poole, you’re definitely in for a great time. If you use some of the great accommodation around the area, you could stay for a good week with the family. You’re guaranteed to come back home feeling refreshed and relaxed. Poole is one of those little gems, and one of the most fascinating places in the UK.

  • April 23rd, 2014
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