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Your well-deserved holiday is still in the planning stages, and you still have a decision to make: do you go urban or rural? Maybe your significant other likes the bright lights and activity of the city, while you like the simplicity of camping out. You can find a happy compromise, however, with a nice stay in the countryside.

Not Necessarily Rural

Quite often, the person who loves city lights may consider anything less than Broadway to be rural and isolated. However, there are plenty of smaller towns and communities that will offer not only quality accommodations, they may actually top the big names in the city.


The big city hotels certainly offer quick access to the activities downtown, but you have to share the space with countless other people. And, you usually have to pay exorbitant prices for the convenience. However, a stay in the countryside near a big city will give you quick access to the activities you crave, and allow you privacy and a good sleep-in, if you want. The smaller hotels, bed and breakfasts, and inns in the surrounding areas are usually less expensive, and offer the same amenities, if not more than their flashier competition a few minutes away.

Change of Venue

A holiday in the countryside can also give you an entire new outlook. An inn overlooking a lovely lake, or a B&B located on a shady, curving cobbled street can provide you with a serene venue that calms your mind and restores your soul. Don’t worry, the city is just a few minutes away. In the meantime, take a stroll on the heaths, or add a rock to a retaining wall around a sheep pasture.

Plenty to Do

There is certainly plenty to do when you venture to the countryside. Bistros, cafes, B&Bs, and local dining establishments often set records for their specialized cuisine. There are small museums and art galleries that showcase artists and artifacts you’ve never seen, and it’s all within walking distance of your hotel. You can enjoy almost private showings, at times.
Most smaller towns have bands, choirs, or orchestras. Sure, you may not hear expert performances equal to the London Philharmonic, but, as American composer Charles Ives said, “True music comes from the heart of the participants.”

Access to Nature

You would be surprised to find out how many wildlife preserves are in any given area. Nature walks, historic trails, and ancient ruins are fascinating, carrying their own aura and stimulating the senses. The sound of wind coursing across a meadow, the scent of salt in the air, and the clear sunlight on bright green pastures and the beautiful large planters create their own place in your niche in your spirit. And, that’s something you don’t get in the city.


Besides saving money on your country stay, you can find yourself with better accommodations. While a hotel may offer a NEW 2015 Intex PureSpa Octagonal Jet & Bubble Therapy Spa
in the swimming area, you can quite often find a whirlpool tub in your bath at the B&B. So, give the countryside a try. You’ll find a new holiday destination.

A Nice Stay In The Countryside

Surfing in the UK has long been a great holiday, and finding a surfing school is easy at each of the surfing locations. Wide, sandy beaches give way to ample surf in many areas, and surfers find plenty to challenge them. Most people agree that autumn is the best time to surf in the UK, and no matter what your skills level is, you can find the perfect wave. In fact, the prime surfing weather is approaching, being mid-November. The moderate air and water temperatures are comfortable, and the ocean swells are perfect for surfing. In addition, the beaches are usually not as crowded in November.


In Cornwall, you will find Watergate Bay. At low tide, this bay has over 2 miles of beach. Extreme Academy is a surfing school at Watergate Bay, and they will handle lessons for anyone from beginners to experts. They also offer extreme sports such as rock climbing, cliff diving, and other activities. You can participate in beginner surf lessons, or take on multiple activities of extreme sports. This surfing destination is especially suited for beginners.


Bude, in North Cornwall, England, is known for its fine beaches and excellent surfing. While most people consider surfing to be a sport limited to Caribbean climes or other, more distant shores, the shores of Bude provide a great holiday and excellent activities.

There are several surfing schools in Bude, because of the great location. In fact, there are around 11 schools for surfing the Bude waves. In this location, you will find surfer-friendly accommodations, where you can camp on the beach and never be far from the surf – which is perfect for night surfing. You can also find excellent inns, hotels, and bed and breakfast facilities in Bude, all of which will cater to the surfer trade. Restaurants are handy, as well.

The Bude surfing school will provide an instructor, a surf board that matches your abilities, and all the gear you need to learn this sport.


Located in Northeast England, Saltburn is one of the oldest surfing sites in the UK. It has excellent beginner waves, and the surf shop there will outfit you with gear and a board. They hire out for lessons and offer advice for surfers of all levels. Plus, when you need warming up after playing in the North Sea, the local pubs, coffee shops, and restaurants offer hot meals.

Pease Bay

Scotland is making its mark on the surfing world. Pease Bay, located in Southeast Scotland, is attracting surfers as never before, and there are plenty of local surf schools that supply gear and instruction. There is also plenty of accommodations for surfers.

Sennen Cove

Sennen Cove in Cornwall is home to some excellent waves, and is often the only place to find good surfing, when other places have gone flat. There is a great surf school located there, with gear and board rental. Sennen Cove also has hotels and restaurants for your convenience and comfort.


Lawn services are the best money you ever spend, if it means that you have a healthy, beautiful lawn as a result. But, which lawn services should you use? It seems like every kid in the neighbourhood sells his or her services as soon as they are big enough to push a lawn mower. Is that all your lawn needs? Here are some things to look for when choosing a lawn service.


Companies like sell many services that are necessary for a beautiful, healthy lawn. Aeration is one of the services you need to accomplish this. Your lawn and garden soil can become compacted, making it difficult for plant and grass roots to penetrate the soil. Not only that, well aerated soil will hold more water, and the oxygen content of the soil is increased. Nutrients will be more easily absorbed. A lawn service that offers aeration will improve your lawn’s health.


Fertiliser gets a very undeserved bad reputation. The key to eco-friendly fertilizer application is expert application. The right amount of fertilizer, applied correctly and watered in with the right amount of water, will be absorbed by the lawn grasses. It will never have a chance to run off into the gutter, or pollute groundwater, because it will all be used to make your grass beautiful and healthy. However, the kid down the block will not know how to apply fertiliser correctly. A lawn service, however, will.

Soil Improver

Soil improver is something else that the kid down the street will not know anything about. In many cases, a lawn will not thrive simply because the soil is defective. It may need certain chemical treatments, or simply amending so that it is more likely to sustain plant life. Soils that have a heavy clay content, for example, can be amended with the addition of an additive that works its way down into the soil and keeps it “broken up” and aerated. Lawn services can run a chemical test on your soil to see what kind of improvements it may need to optimum growth.

Pest Control

Pest control is another lawn service that often gets a bad reputation. Sometimes, it is necessary to kill bugs. If they are not killed, they will kill grass and beneficial plants, causing soils to dry out, growing only weeds. Grub worms, for example, can kill an entire lawn, yet leave noxious weeds intact to spread their pollen and seeds everywhere.

Ants are another problem that can affect your garden and lawn, and make your pets miserable. Pest control can eliminate ants without bothering butterflies and ladybugs.

Lawn service companies can apply the right amount of Plant Protection & Pest Control to control the infestation without damaging beneficial bugs.

Over Seeding

Lawn services often will over seed a lawn area that has been unhealthy. Areas previously affected by grub worms, for instance, no longer have any grass roots to regenerate the grass. Over seeding, however, will get grass growing quickly in those spots quickly. Pet trails also may require soil amendment and over seeding.